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CDN API ReferenceTraffic Monitoring

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Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring APIs enables SwiftFederaton partners or customers to get one customer's bandwidth/volume, get one domain's bandwidth, volume and requests, as well as hit rate, origin bandwidth, requests and number of rueqests based on http status codes, etc.

Analytics APIs includes:

  • Get Bandwidth
  • Get Customer Bandwidth
  • Get Origin Bandwidth
  • Get Volume
  • Get Customer Volume
  • Get Hit Volume
  • Get Request Number
  • Get Hit Request Number
  • Get Origin Request Number
  • Get Request Hit Rate
  • Get HTTP Codes Number
  • Get Origin HTTP Codes Number
  • Get HTTP Request Number
  • Get HTTPS Request Number
  • Get Http Bandwidth
  • Get Https Bandwidth
  • Get Http Volume
  • Get Https Volume
  • Get Viewers Location Bandwidth
  • Get Viewers Location Volume
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