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API Error Code

1. Error Code

CodeMeaningHttp Status
AccessDeniedAccess denied.403 Forbidden
InternalErrorWe encountered an internal error.Please try again.500 Internal Server Error
InvalidAccessKeyIdThe Access Key ID you provided does not exist in our records.403 Forbidden
InvalidAuthorizationAuthorization header is invalid400 Bad Request
InvalidRequestThere was an error in the body of your HTTP request.400 Bad Request
RequestExpiredRequest has expired.400 Bad Request
MalformedJSONThe JSON you provided was not well-formed.400 Bad Request
SignatureDoesNotMatchThe request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided.400 Bad Request
ResourceAlreadyExistsThe requested resource already exists400 Bad Request
ResourceNotFoundThe requested resource does not exist404 Not Found
ResourceNotAvailableThe requested resource not available403 Forbidden
ResourceInUseThe requested resource is used.403 Forbidden

3. Http Status

http status>=200 and http status < 300, API success
http status>=300 and http status < 500, ClientException
http status>=500, ServiceException