VNCDN is one of the biggest CDN providers in Asia

Server system located in all domestic data centers such as Viettel, VNPT, FPT, CMC, and Mobifone

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The biggest system in Vietnam

Grow business with global CDN network

Domestic bandwidth 620Gbps++ in total

Load more than 1.000.000++ CCUs

Over 200++ PoPs

VNCDN located in 22 countries over the world, automatically response the nearest content to users, ensure the content delivery speed always be fast & stable.

Hit rate over 99%

Eliminate overload or congestion of the origin server, keep the website running 24/7.

Cloud Security will help the system gets rid of DDoS attacks.

Http Code reports to users the errors such as 200, 206, 304, 403, 404, 412, 416, and 510

Why enterprises need CDN?

Speed up website & improve business efficiency

High traffic load from users

Support anti-DDoS

Service uptime 100%

Optimize IT infrastructure investment

Improve your Googles rankings

Meet the need of billions accesses at the sametime

Economise infrastructure investment cost

TTranscoding, Cloud storage, & Livestreaming

Service setting up in 5 minutes

Enterprises needing to use CDN

  Live streaming

  TV stations


  Game provider

  OTT Video projects


  Software companies

  Online advertising companies

  Online training

  Social Media

Outstanding features

Quick access, prevent DDoS attacks

TLS 1.2 và HTTP/2

VNCDN was built to tranfer the fastest content to user on any devices & any browers.

Support Multi Media

Speed up HTML, CSS, video, image, JSON, XML, sound, and more.

Enhance security & improve performance

Integrate security services, reduce the possibility of DDoS attacks, prevent unauthorized activities from reducing website performance.

Automatic PoP conversion

When having a problem at any PoP, the request will be converted to another PoP to meet the demand of users.


All features and platforms of VNCDN are under controlled of the API, allowing you to automate and integrate CDN management with your own system.

Link limitation

Prevent unauthorized content stolen, hotlink on other websites.

Real time data analysis

Easily monitor user traffic to be able to adjust the content or business direction of the enterprise.


Custom time & location which users use to acess to website.

Cache depth

Store cache data on RAM and enterprise SSD hard drive, for up to 300% performance.

Support SNI SSL

Encrypt access on your domain with the most optimal cost.

CDN Logs

VNCDN supports users to actively download logs of the system for analysis and inspection.

1000++ current customers using VNCDN

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VNCDN has been introduced widely on newspapers